Tips for Eating Healthy
  1. Eat Fresh: Let your child touch, smell, and taste safe fruits and vegetables. These actions lead to recognizing and appreciating the food.
  2. Share Stories: Children love to hear about your childhood and their heritage, culture, religion including stories about meaningful food traditions and history.
  3. Serve Fruits and Vegetables daily: Eventually even picky eaters will come around to try a new, safe food.
  4. Talk to a professional: A nutritionist can help identify any nutritional deficiencies that may need supplementation.
  5. Break bad eating habits: Work with a nutrition educator to learn about developing new, healthy eating habits and breaking old habits.
  6. ‘Taste Test’ safe food
  7. Cook together: Plan meals and cook together to develop empowerment over the food allergy or intolerance and a life skill.
  8. Experiment with new recipes.
  9. Skip Snacks: Unless necessary and more than 2 hours before a meal
  10. Play: Go out and play before and after meal time. Activity stimulates hunger and helps digest food properly.

Top 5 Foods to Avoid

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